The Viral Interview

taught by Jay Johnson
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Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson

About the instructor

Jay’s media career stretches 25 years from broadcast to corporate and includes positions as radio host, news anchor, field reporter, voice actor, video producer, analyst and media consultant.  

Today, he is passionate about teaching and coaching the next generation of broadcasters and voice actors; and also teaches Broadcasting in the Communication Department at the University of Indianapolis.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Communicating and interviewing: the basics 

Chapter 3: News interviewing 

Chapter 4: Planning and preparation

Chapter 5: The interview itself 

Chapter 6: Interviewing techniques 

Chapter 7: Vox pops and other interviewing opportunities 

Chapter 8: The twenty-first century tools of interviewing 

Chapter 9: Interviewing by telephone, email, text and Skype 

Chapter 10: Interviewing the famous – and infamous 

Chapter 11: How to manage challenging, difficult or sensitive interviews 

Chapter 12: After the interview 

Chapter 13: Law and ethics; Recommended books and films; Index

Course Contents

Course Curriculum